Design to the Site

A core philosophy at Tenthouse Structures is that, rather than bending nature to our will, we should adapt and bend to nature.
Working on some of the most ecologically sensitive sites on the planet demands a flexible and considered approach to achieve the most appropriate and symbiotic end result. We consider our impact on the environment down to each nut & bolt, literally.
As a business, we understand that it is paramount to preserve the last remaining wild open spaces for the enjoyment & education of future generations. What we do therefore requires an awareness and a responsibility way beyond simply building accommodation structures.
To have an awareness of these values and beliefs ensures a sensitive design facilitator process. Coupled with a business understanding of local challenges relating to climate, construction, design, engineering, labour, terrain topography, logistics & transport, positions us as innovators. The wild informs our design decisions beyond anything else.

We plan.

We do.

We innovate.

We make ideas reality.

We Design to the Site