Tenthouse® Structures has earnt a solid reputation at the top-end of Africa’s luxury safari and eco-resort market. Tensile and other performance fabrics provide unlimited scope for this multi-disciplined team to push the boundaries of design and produce award-winning tented camps. We use fabric to build structures – walls, ceilings, roofs, overhangs, fly-outs, canopies – in traditional spaces, in ways that they’ve never been built before. The technology allows us to build better.

Distinctive peaked-roof design at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Namibia

When it comes to custom-building new camps or refurbishing (or retro-fitting) existing ones in the exclusive wilderness space, THS’ clients invest in fabric structures over conventional buildings for a number of reasons. Sophisticated engineering technology and fabric-flexibility enables the design team to break the straight-line geometry of traditional tents, and offer a high-quality, high-performance product.

Interior detail at Duma Tau, Botswana

The curved shapes and forms are visually-appealing and in harmony with the natural landscape. The lightweight fabrics and supporting structures negate the use of heavy masonry resulting in environmentally-sensitive installation.

Custom fabric fly-out, protective screen, ceiling, walls and blinds at Duma Tau, Botswana

Championing a collaborative design-approach to realise a client’s vision, Tenthouse Structures satisfies the growing demand for experiential tourism, offering discerning travellers the ideal habitat in which to experience the bush. The individuality and longevity of each completed project, to date, is testament to the versatility afforded by the medium. The fabric base, colour, texture, trim – right down to the stitch detail – is considered, with bespoke attention-to-detail. The quality of the experience is what Tenthouse Structures is all about and what distinguishes it as a market-leader.

Tenthouse® Structures is committed to lightweight, natural design. How can we transform your space?