Pioneers of bespoke fabric architecture in Africa, Tenthouse® Structures [THS] rests confident in the reasons their prestigious clients in the luxury safari space choose lightweight fabric solutions over traditional construction methods. The outstanding durability of these structures, particularly in remote locations, results from a unique combination of tailored design, technical fabrication, and advanced engineering. With the end-user in mind, THS’ high-comfort, thermally efficient structures are built to last using peak performance fabrics and components designed to endure extreme environmental factors.

The unique spanning capability of tensile membrane


Tensile membrane (tensioned fabric) roofing with its flexible spanning capability and high strength-to-weight ratio is well suited to wilderness hospitality applications. A design life of over 10 years, it performs in a variety of conditions. The PVC fabric incorporates UV stabilisers which protect colour fastness and base cloth, slowing the rate of degradation. Maintaining fabric integrity, it withstands extreme solar exposure, humidity, and temperature fluctuations, performing in windy conditions, sand storms, heavy rainfall, and snow. Built-in fire retardants within the PVC coating self-extinguish when exposed to flame, a crucial factor in conservation areas where fire risk is a primary consideration.

Tensile Membrane Roofing


Flexible membrane fly-out
Flexible membrane fly-out

Stretchable membrane offers another versatile fabric system suited to the outdoors. Used in conjunction with tensile, or as a free-standing structure, it offers an excellent solar barrier when applied as fly-outs and shade sails. Rapidly deployable and easily demounted, it is favoured for high speed to market and site flexibility. 

Flexible membrane structures withstanding desert conditions

Insulation, Thermal Comfort, Ventilation

Fabric ceiling, façade and blinds

In addition to structural performance solutions, THS incorporate a number of hermetically sealed fabric systems to create thermally efficient, habitable spaces. Fabric walls, facades and blinds offer not only visual privacy but also acoustic and thermal comfort throughout a wide range of climatic and site-specific conditions. Permeable gable and mesh wall openings promote natural cross ventilation with deployable blinds offering year-round optimum control. Noisy fabric flapping, common with traditional, synthetic products, is all but eradicated by fabric systems installed under tension.

Custom fabric interior

Light in Logistics

Another key performance factor of fabric architecture for remote locations is logistical simplicity. Prefabricated and compact, the lightweight components are easily transportable and require smaller teams and less time to install than heavy bricks and mortar construction-yielding early project commercialisation, high energy-efficiency, and low environmental impact.

Tenthouse Structures is committed to the preservation of our wilderness heritage through light and natural architecture. How can we transform your space?

Energy-efficient logistics