In a time where plastic straws and packets are being replaced by paper, and major cities are running out of water, it is important to recognise and understand that we need to start being more conscientious of our actions and the implications that they are having on our already vulnerable planet and its resources.

As the owner of a safari camp, lodge or resort it is critical to be aware of the impact that you will have on the surrounding environment, as this can ultimately affect your business. With this in mind, Tenthouse Structures should always be your first choice when considering the construction or refurbishment of your property.

Unlike traditional construction methods (using heavy bricks and mortar), our lightweight solutions do not require a concrete foundation; thus no water is necessary for the mixing of concrete. This is particularly pivotal in sensitive and water scarce environments or communities. Furthermore, our use of sophisticated lightweight performance materials allows us to transport and build structures without the use of large scale and heavy construction machinery and vehicles. This contributes not only to a reduced carbon footprint, but also minimal landscape scarring and on-site pollution.

In terms of offering your guests the ultimate experience, we ensure that each of our solutions are as comfortable and efficient as possible. This can be achieved through the implementation of passive and low energy strategies, such as making use of water coils, earth tubes and low energy air conditioners for cooling purposes to ensure optimal comfort regardless of the climate or environment.

Close to our hearts and in the spirit of giving back, our very own NPO, Our Shade, helps us to reduce waste while giving back to the local communities where we work. This is done by employing locals and transforming retired membranes into shade structures, which are then installed into local schools and foundations.

As sustainable construction continues to gain momentum globally, we believe that lightweight building solutions will become more and more prevalent, and as a member of the Green Building Council we are committed to the preservation of our wilderness heritage through light and low impact architecture and construction.

How can we transform your space?