Bumi Hills

Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
African Bush Camps

Zimbabwe (16.8167°S, 28.3500°E)

Laid Back Luxury on Lake Kariba

Signature Retrofit

Elevated in prime position over mighty Lake Kariba, Bumi Hills is well-known as the ultimate bush destination for rest and relaxation. Tenthouse Structures brought harmony to the majestic views with the introduction of their signature flexible membrane canopy, maximising the space and shelter of the guest hospitality area. Prior to the full refurbishment of the camp, the client was looking for a versatile, mid-term solution to upgrade the outside bar area, accommodating more guests. Tenthouse Structures’ organic design not only compliments the wilderness landscape but transforms the lifestyle area.

Technically Advanced

The cost-effective custom fit is comprised of the best in flexible membrane technology, providing a sophisticated solar barrier and 100% water-proof solution. The canopy was installed (and skills transferred to the hotel maintenance crew), under the guidance of one Tenthouse Structures’ supervisor. The inherent flexibility of these stretch canopies along with the uniform cut of the membrane, allowed for on-site re-adjustments and further redeployment to the upper dining deck.

Wilderness Aesthetics

Due to the nature of the environment, aesthetics play a major part in the design and fabric choice of each retrofit canopy. Tenthouse Structures prides itself in customising each client’s project. Great care is taken to enhance the lodge style, in balance with nature. Bumi Hills’ laid-back luxury was beautifully complimented by the retrofit canopy creating perfect harmony with the natural surroundings.

Tenthouse® Structures retrofit canopies can be customised according to your requirements.

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