Condé Nast Traveller Award 2015
Tatler Travel Award 2015

Namibia (19º 22'6.00"S, 13º 9'0.00"E)

Creating a Desert Dream in the Hoanib Valley

Design Innovation Meets the Wilderness Challenge

This remarkable desert oasis was the perfect canvas for Tenthouse Structures to create the extraordinary. The camp has been widely celebrated, achieving numerous accolades since its establishment in 2015.

Contending with Southern Africa’s harshest terrain

The remote location of Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, deep in Namibia’s Kaokoveld region presents a unique set of challenges. Four hours from the nearest village, unforgiving terrain beset by rocky escarpments and rolling sand dunes finds you deep in the dry plains of the Hoanib river valley. Searing daytime temperatures of 50°C drop to a frosty 8°C at night. Frequent sandstorms and the threat of rainy-season flash floods were all factored into the remarkable custom-built tent design created by Tenthouse Structures for Wilderness Safaris.

Ultra-luxury accommodation in the desert

Each ingenious accommodation unit; a hybrid pod structure with a protective, flexible membrane; not only provides luxurious refuge from the elements but award-winning contemporary design in keeping with the striking wilderness surrounds. To withstand the desert conditions over time with limited maintenance, the sustainable and economic design incorporates high-performance materials that were custom-engineered by Tenthouse Structures’ integrated team. Lightweight materials allowed for easy transportation, allowing for rapid, cost-effective construction.

Sustainable engineering and a conservation-first approach gave us the opportunity to transfer skills to the local community and custodians of the Koakoveld.

Hybrid design technology

Tenthouse Structures' integrated team specialise in the design, supply and supervision of luxury wilderness habitats.

Whether you invest in a single luxury tent structure or appoint us as chief designers on a greenfield project, our strength is in understanding our client’s needs. Each project is personal.

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