Integrated & Additional


Integrated Expertise

Design, Supply & Supervise

Technical tent design

Tent Form

Form-active structures.
Lightweight fabric architecture is the expression of natural, geometric curvature - where form and force are one.

Tent Engineering

Designed to comply, engineered to perform.
Experts in tensile membrane engineering, we push the boundaries of what fabric structures can do.

Tent Detailing

Parametric BIM.
We build sophisticated, solid models with the intelligence to adapt to real-world design variation. Extracting precision drafts for on-time manufacturing and assembly.

Supply & Supervise

Specialised Fabrication

Through our strategic partners and in-house facilities, our manufacturing is focused on the production of our core solutions; technical membrane systems, support structures and canvas envelopes.

Supply Logistics

Total remote solutions from factory to site. We supervise each step of the process, consolidation, packaging, loading and freight.

Site Operations

Our technical planning and site supervisory team work closely with the appointed local contractor to ensure accurate site set out, assembly and integration of our structures through to the completed project build.

Additional Services

Tailored Design-Build Solutions


Our architectural team will assist with site planning, development, adapting layout designs and providing unique design solutions for public areas and amenities, enhancing the overall guest experience.


Our interior design team creates an environment that is aesthetically sensitive to the existing architecture and surrounding landscape, bringing the guest experience closer to the wild.


Tenthouse Structures Climetrics; our team specialises in thermal comfort and work with off-grid MEP engineering teams to measure and configure the most suitable passive or low-energy comfort design strategies to meet budget and environmental constraints.

Project Management

With over a decade in designing and building tented camps, we recognise that a successful delivery hinges upon an experienced project management team.

Project dependent, we offer facilitation or full project management services.