As market leaders, it is imperative to ensure that our fabric solutions comply to international regulations, while simultaneously offering an unrivaled guest experience – this can be achieved by leveraging the latest technologies in both high performance fabric architecture and lightweight building systems.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computerized method for predicting how a product will react to real -world forces, effects and environmental conditions such as pre-stress, wind, snow, water evacuation, seismic and certain dynamic loads. Load Analysis is a computer simulated function of such within the Finite Element Software, which allows for the accurate sizing of structural steel members and attachment details.

Through this process we are able to identify stress points in the membrane and support structure, which can then be carefully adjusted to reduce high stress points to meet required safety standards. Once the form of the membrane has been determined, the Load Analysis Software can then be used to accurately determine the size of the required structural support framework, cables and struts for the structure.

Our fabric-engineered, high-performance structures have an extended design life, are low maintenance,with solar comfort and fire-safety ratings. Our patterned membranes mean perfect tensioning, fit and finish for the harshest of conditions.

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