Mining Executive Oasis

Built in 2008, the iconic Kampi Ya Boma was the first development of its kind in Africa and remains one of the largest tensile-fabric hotels in the world today. Tenthouse Structures’ first large scale commission, the 57-suite executive-hotel services visiting mining professionals to the thriving copper belt region of southern DRC.

Tensile-fabric hotel

The Creation of an Icon

Executing the vision of an ambitious maverick hotelier, Tenthouse Structures designed, transported and rapidly installed the robust tent-style village. Requiring minimal maintenance and extended product lifespan into one of the most remote regions of Africa, the pioneering design not only provides a welcome and relaxing resort environment but remains a flourishing and aspirational feature of the area and is much-enjoyed by returning visitors.

Cost-Effective Construction

Considering the Congo’s limited infrastructure and socio-economic restrictions, solutions-driven Tenthouse Structures shipped the entire 5000m² roofing structures in 5 containers, a cost-effective move that mitigated the high cost of local building resources.

Robust tent-style village

Swift Installation

Added to this, two Tenthouse Structures ’ project managers trained local crews to install the expansive roofing over a 10-day period, transferring skills to the local community and limiting imported labour costs. The hotel was fully-functional in 18 months (from client engagement) and to this day outperforms conventional Congolese roofing materials in weathering the highveld climate fluctuations.

Tenthouse Structure is synonymous with ground-breaking projects in some of the most remote regions of Africa.