Moving Mountains

Floating fabric architecture

Rising in the place of pride in the mountainous Waterberg, this private escape sits upon a rugged koppie and rules over the plains below. Emerging solidly from the red earth, the vast stone walls are at one with the sky, incorporated with the floating fabric architecture created by Tenthouse Structures.

Tensile membrane canopies

Logistical Challenges

Removed from standard urban amenities, the remote farm presented many logistical obstacles – including impenetrable sandstone rock, uneven ground levels and limited communications. Tenthouse Structures met these challenges head-on with collective in-house experience and complex site project management.

Dynamic Fabric Design

Contrasting the heavy dry-packed walls, conceived by a celebrated architect, Tenthouse Structures’ sail-like shade structures float weightlessly into the horizon. These tensile membrane canopies and tailor-made canvas enclosures, provide a welcome respite from the Highveld heat and an uplifting modern spin on the rich landscape and stone architecture.

Tenthouse Structures state-of-the-art membrane shelters can be custom-built and installed according to your specifications.