Phinda Perfection

Suspended in light, Tenthouse Structures’ signature shade structures extend seamlessly into the forest canopy at Phinda Rock Lodge. Elevated above an endless valley, the main guest area and intimate accommodation units boast sweeping views of lush vegetation and roaming game. The recent upgrade at the camp presented Tenthouse Structures the opportunity to bring its distinctive design flair to the intimate getaway.

Signature shade structure

Site Flexibility

Set into a rocky cliff face, the steep slope and unique architecture of the lodge is perfectly suited for Tenthouse Structures’ flexible membrane technology. The versatile flexible fabric allows for on-site manipulation during installation and precise positioning to get the best protection from the elements and maintain the aesthetic balance with the surrounding bush.

Transforming Space

Juxtaposed against the organic curves of the rugged mud-packed walls, the textured canopies transform the entire property. Creating harmony between the positive and negative spaces, it would be difficult to imagine Phinda Rock Lodge without them.

Flexible membrane technology

Tenthouse Structures’ flexible membrane technology is adaptable to a range of environments. How can we transform your space?