Contemporary Cover in Kenya

Sustainable Luxury

With a shared vision for sustainable luxury, Tenthouse Structures was inspired by the refurbishment of the old stable at Segera Retreat. Overlooking lush botanical gardens and the vast Laikipia Plateau, Segera is well-positioned as one of the world’s most sustainable luxury tourism retreats.

Harmonious Design

In synergy with the appointed architect Tenthouse Structures designed, manufactured and installed the retrofit veranda canopy, bringing new energy to the lifestyle area. Tenthouse Structures’ signature textured canvas is perfectly suited for the bush environment, creating harmony between the interior decor and natural landscape.

Bespoke Finishes

The matte, flexible membranes are completely waterproof and finished with bespoke detailing and stylish stitch work. Quick to install and designed to endure, the contemporary canopy lives holistically with the new Segera Stables.

Tenthouse Structures offers retrofit canopies that can be custom-built and installed to your specifications.