The Pinnacle of Authentic Wilderness Architecture

Overlooking a quarter mile of prime Zambezi river frontage, Thorntree River Lodge is at the pinnacle of authentic wilderness architecture. With construction commenced in August 2016, the combination of cutting-edge design and sustainable building solutions is budding into another signature Tenthouse Structures lodge in the heart of Southern Africa.

Environmentally Conscious

Incorporating a unique portrait layout for the contemporary glass-fronted accommodation units, Tenthouse Structures architect, Michael Kornmüller (project co-designer) beckons nature inside whilst presenting unlimited views of the river from within. Providing flat-pack, lightweight rigid wall systems, prefabricated bathroom pods and compact fabric elements, Tenthouse Structures has addressed the unique impact constraints imposed by the sensitive world heritage site and river location.


Security, Comfort, Privacy and Longevity

Structural insulated panelling, provides superior thermal comfort in both hot and cold conditions. Tasteful security sliding mesh screens, necessitated by the active wildlife around the camp, ensure guest safety. Sleek floor-to-apex glazed facades are finished with hand-crafted sailcloth canopies, adding light and ephemeral quality to the modern design.

Client Return on Investment

Through the complex co-ordination of design, technology, and 360ᵒ project management, we are delivering another extraordinary development, on time and in the budget. The Tenthouse Structures’ ‘wow factor’ will be sure to draw accolades and in turn the discerning traveller. Our selection of performance materials and extended design life practices ensure product longevity. Overall a sound return on investment.

Tenthouse Structures is committed to the preservation of our wilderness heritage through light and natural architecture.