Tenthouse Structures® are “Made for the Wild™”, driven by a deep resonance and understanding of, and commitment to, consciously and respectfully engaging Mother nature to ‘touch the earth lightly’. The remote wilderness ecosystems in which we operate inspire our designs and motivate us to deliver the most durable, comfortable, stylish, visually and physically sensitive, lightweight fabric habitats possible.

Traditional fabric structures employ what is widely recognized as the lightest form of building technology, generally acknowledged also to be a low impact, low energy, and low wastage alternative to mainstream construction methodologies.  The introduction and use of tensile fabric architecture and structural systems challenges and shifts this traditional paradigm to vast new horizons of innovation, imagination, and performance.

It is on these new horizons where Tenthouse Structures® continue to pioneer ground-breaking new solutions in response to age-old challenges on the back of cutting edge engineering software, and highly-skilled technical and architectural design.

The Tenthouse team maintains a flexible, hands-on approach to design and, as market leaders in passive- and low-energy comfort design for thin-envelop habitats, we aim to encourage and inspire others to build their vision around our lightweight, sustainable, high-performance, remote luxury accommodation solutions.

Tenthouse lightweight tensile structures are also designed to be demountable, reusable, repurposed, or recycled, if required and, in the spirit of sustainability and giving back, we have developed the Our Shade community initiative aimed at repurposing reject or old membranes into shade structures for schools in need.

So, if you are looking for a high-performance sustainable ‘touch the earth lightly’ building solution, designed and made for the wild, then look no further than the team at Tenthouse Structures to take you there.