Luxury tent design

We design and build exclusive safari camps, lodges and eco-resorts.

From concept to handover, our multi-disciplinary team lead the market in the specialist field of custom tented camps and resorts.

We are client focused. Whether you invest in a single structure or appoint us chief designers on a custom development, each project is personal.

Our expertise is in performance fabric architecture, tailored for nature-based hospitality applications.

Fabric Architecture

Performance fabric architecture that meets the challenges of wilderness environments.


Tensile Structures

Reliable, low maintenance and aesthetically stylish roof systems, ideal for new resort projects.


Flexible Structures

Easily demountable stretch fabric structures, popular as economical, rapid delivery, retrofit solutions.


Textile Facades

Elevated walls, screens and blinds, creating functional, protective and elegant facades.

  • At Tenthouse® Structures we are inspired by nature, driven by technology. Our unique designer tented lodges are established in some of the most remote and sensitive environments on earth. Our mission is to lead the way in creating extraordinary high performance fabric structures and lightweight building solutions to meet the challenges of wilderness environments. Our vision is a sustainable future in eco-tourism and leisure development.
    Brendan O’Molony
    Founder & Managing Director
  • Tenthouse® Structures meets the challenges of wilderness developments. The flowing organic curves of our tensile fabric roof systems, the lightweight accommodation component, the engineered systems that offer privacy and protection against nature, all come together in unique luxurious harmony.
    Michael Kornmüller
    Design Director

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